Nicolas Bottine

Cuir Lisse Pin Noir

52,50 € tax incl.


75,00 € tax incl.

NICOLAS BOTTINE carry on the history of schoolchildren’s shoes by respecting the codes of the genre while displaying unparalleled elegance. This is our iconic model. Simple and timeless, they can be worn with any look, all year round.

The model is designed to offer a wide opening that makes putting the shoes on easy.

These boots are leather - or velvet leather - and leather-lined, and offer a perfect price-quality ratio. The outsole is hand made of elastomer with a rubber heel.


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We work with leathers that have already been ordered by brands and unused. Our leathers are not originally manufactured for us but we carefully select them. This new way of working pleases us because it involves a more reasonable consumption: recycling. We choose most of the time very soft leather because we focus on child’s comfort first. They will get a patina quickly and are very resistant. If you take time to wax your Clotaire shoes often, the color will become deeper and intense each time.



Once waterproofed with a classic care product, our shoes can be worn in wet weather and are perfect for the seaside.



We will reimburse your shoes if they have not been worn and are returned in their original packaging.