Since 2011. Already cult.

Clotaire works to democratize the wearing of leather shoes among children since September 2011. On the playground, on Sunday, for a wedding ... Clotaire is easy-to-wear. Made from leather & leather-lined, our shoes are timeless, usually unisex and available in a great range of colors with the aim that children want to sometimes leave their sneakers.

Distribution and recycling

Sold on the internet, the stylish and cult leather shoe brand pays particular attention to its customer service. The connected and available team creates a truly human relationship with its customers. This distribution channel enables us to remain competitive while offering impeccable quality.

To maintain our prices, we are questioning ourselves every season. Throughout our travels and researches we found an unbelievable treasure made with amazing leathers that were waiting for us. We like the idea of recycling: these leathers were not ordered or cut for us but we give them a new life through our collections. It's a real challenge to work using imposed leathers, our creativity is being tested!

The creative

Clotaire was founded by Violaine Belle-Croix, editor and journalist since 2003 in children's fashion. First chef editor of MilK magazine, she is now chef editor of Marie Claire Enfants magazine. She co-founded Clotaire in 2011 then Chez, the Almanac of modern house, in 2014. Violaine Belle-Croix collaborates with many people in children's fashion and is never tired of this particular universe perfect for creation.

Photography by Lois Moreno @loismoreno