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f for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will be pleased to accept your return for 14 days after delivery. The shoes must be as you have received them and in the original packaging.

The return shipping costs remain chargeable to the consumer (refer to the general terms & conditions)

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In « My account », go to the heading « Order history and details »

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Then, click on « details » of your latest order and tick the item that you want to return

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Below, fill in the form « Merchandise return » notifying if you want a refund or an exchange of your pair thanks to a credit note/discount voucher available on your CLOTAIRE account upon receipt of your return. In this way, you will reorder rapidly and without having to pay again. And finally, click on « Create a return label »

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You receive an email for every step of the return process

Sign into « my account » and follow every step of the return process

If your return state is "accepted", download PDF and print it

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Send your package (shoes box on a parcel) along with the return label. Send your return within 14 days. "The return is left to the responsibility and to the risks of the consumer"

We receive the package

We exchange or refund and contact you if necessary

We close the return procedure